Sports Management

PMCG, LLC sports management is a successful firm of sports and business leaders, working together as a one-stop shop that provides an array of solutions and strategies to guide our clients towards success.  We represent today’s finest professional athletes with regards to their contract negotiations and media exposure. We offer our clients experienced guidance and counsel so they are able to take maximum advantage of the opportunities available today.  The best way to help our clients perform to the best of their ability is by handling all aspects of their personal lives.  We do this by creating a customized outline to help assist our clients in attaining their professional, financial, family and community goals and help them meet the demands of their busy lifestyle, so they can focus on the more important things in life.  To accomplish this we offer a variety of professional services to guide our clients through the rest of their careers. We work closely with each client to ensure that they grow from young athletes into polished professionals who are independent productive citizens in their respective communities.

PMCG, LLC provides the following personalized services to our clients that will allow them to manage their daily lives while still moving towards their goals.

  • Bill pay
  • Business management
  • Concierge service
  • Consultation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Estate planning
  • Legal Services
  • Marketing (Appearances/Endorsements)
  • Medical Concierge
  • Personal budget planning
  • Post playing career preparation
  • Public Relations
  • Real estate management
  • Tax preparation

PMCG, LLC understands the decisions that players make at the beginning of their careers including who they choose to associate themselves with on both a personal and professional level can make the difference between long term success and failure.  We have been where our clients are going, which makes it easier for them to achieve their own dreams. Our actions are fair, impartial and straight-forward. Begin your career the right way by choosing PMCG, LLC sports management firm you can trust, who is committed to your success and who will place your interests ahead of their own.

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